Apply For New Franchisee

If You Want to your Computer Institute
  1. Computer Lab

    1. 12×10 sq feet Area.

    2. Fifteen Computer.

    3. UPS

  2. Theory Room

    1. Minimum 12×12 Sq feet Area.

    2. Chairs – 20

    3. White Board/Smart Board – 01

  3. Office

    1. Reception Office.

    2. Admin Office.

    3. Washroom for Girls/Boys.

  4. Agreement

    1. Building rent/ownership agreement.

    2. Branch Manger’s Identity prove.

    3. Trainers Details.

  1. All fee submission will be online mode (or as Head office Direct). Don’t give cash anyone.
  2. Student’s registration will be only online mode by Center’s Login ID.
  3. Certificates and Results will be Verify Online Mode.
  4. Authorization Certificate will be renew every year.
  5. Minimum 4 Admission required in a Month.
  6. If ICE India’s team found any un-legal activity at franchisee or Branch office, they have right to cancel authorization immediately.
  7. If branch will find inactive from last 3 months then its services will be suspended automatically.